How to Make a Hair Weaving Closure.

Hair weaving can create beautiful hair styles, including braids. While it is best done by a professional, it can by done with a little practice and know how. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of weaving is creating a closure. Follow these steps to finish the styling of the hair. Does this Spark an idea?
Things You'll Need
Straight back or spiral round weave pattern
Hair weaving needle
Hair weaving thread
Select your pattern. It is suggested to use a straight back or spiral round for braiding. Lay out all of your tools so that they are within easy reach.
Stand or sit in front of a large mirror. Begin sewing the back track of the weave. Continue sewing the back of the track until you have two to three rows. By the time you get to the fourth, you should have begun bringing it around. Continue sewing around the head until you reach the top.
Continue sewing in a circle until the circle is very small. The circle should be about the size of your pinkie tip. At this point, stop and cut the extension.
Take 2 inches of hair on the track from the package and roll it. Sew it a couple times so the roll holds. Place the rolled up extension in the center of the hole. Use one finger to hold it in place so that it doesn't move.
Use another finger to hold the closure flat. Next you will use your other hand to sew the roll into the weave. The closure should now be shut.

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